tooth extraction

Pulling your tooth is likely to go quickly, uneventfully and without pain with today’s modern techniques and equipment. Tooth extraction today, unlike the old days, is now fast and straightforward and painless, so you don’t have to worry about the pain because the pain with pulling teeth is all but gone. At South Anchorage Dental, we use a local atheistic first to numb the gums and then effortlessly extract the tooth.  We will have you out of the office quickly and without any pain.

The extraction of teeth is now standard practice. Because of advancements however other alternatives might be discussed with a local dental expert like the dentists at SADC.

Many times, there are alternatives to pulling your teeth. Only a qualified dentist can advise you on your choices or options.

The more you learn, the better off you will be at making the ultimate decision. To become more educated, take a minute now to call 907.248.7275 and schedule your no cost or obligation consultation.  You can also request an appointment online.