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One Day Dental

Anchorage Same Day Dental Services

For those of you in a hurry but still price conscious

Let the team at South Anchorage Dental Center provide you with the highest quality and fastest turnaround time for your pressing dental needs today.  The service is for those of you that aren’t quite at the emergency stage yet but still need dental work done quickly at an affordable price. See what a previous dental implant patient had to say:

Same day dental offers same day extractions that are not classified as an emergency

If you are in pain but not a whole lot of pain and need to have an extraction done quickly then this service is for you.  We can provide 24/7 service even for those non-emergency patients.  This makes the whole process affordable, easy and quick.  Don’t pay emergency prices when you can get same day prices for the less than what emergency visits cost.

Questions & Schedule a Consultation

Same day dental allows you to schedule a cleaning or checkup in the morning and same day service

Our unique service allows you to schedule an appointment in the morning and have the work completed the same day.  This one-time same day convenience saves you both time and travel costs and gets the work done in 24 hours or less.

Same day crowns and fillings are also available

Our services let you the patient pick what works for you in the shortest possible time frame.  We also accept walk-ins under the same day program meaning more flexibility for you and your family.  We aim to please and with this service we can accommodate you when the timing is good for you.  Stop the pain and make a same day appointment now by calling us at (907) 248-7275 during regular office hours or after hours you can reach us by calling (907) 602-3136 to make your same day appointment.

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