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Fillings: Help Prevent Wear and Tear on Your Teeth.

Many dentists believe that fillings are their best friend and as a patient of a dentist you should feel the same way. Fillings can help prevent wear and tear on your teeth as well as tooth decay, and strengthen teeth. There are many different types, but some of the more common ones include gold, composite, porcelain, and amalgam. Occasionally a filling or even a crown won’t get the result you are looking for so in those extreme cases inlays and overlays are used.

The dentists at South Anchorage Dental Center when you come in for your appointment will explain solutions specific to your needs. Our dental staff and dentists will factor in different variables to come up with the proper and best procedure for your teeth. They will also factor in your budget as well as costs to provide you with options that comfortably into your budget.


Questions About Fillings?

Why are fillings used?

All dentists use fillings to fill cavities in your teeth that have been caused by tooth decay. They require the dentist to drill a small part of your tooth away and, once all the decay has been removed, insert one of a few different types of fillings into your tooth or teeth depending how many you are having applied. In many cases, it is painless and is a rather quick process,as fillings are one of the easier dental procedures you dentist will perform on your teeth.

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