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Your Child’s Teeth: What Every Parent Should Know

[By Dr. Broc Brimhall] Do you have concerns about your children’s dental health? Would you know what things to be watching for- all before their permanent teeth have even started to come in. “But they’re just baby teeth,” the parents point out. “They’re going to fall out in the next few years anyway – what difference does it make?” The truth is, it makes a HUGE difference. Baby teeth aren’t simply there to provide cute gap-toothed photos as your child’s teeth come in two by two …

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How Alaskans’ Coffee Habits Lead to Cavities

[By Dr. Broc Brimhall] Anchorage loves its coffee. At last count, the city ranked second in the nation for coffee consumption, with an average of 1 coffee shop for every 1,725 residents. And while coffee is a great morning pick-me-up, especially during our long, dark and snowy winters, it’s not doing your teeth any favors. We all know coffee is notorious for leaving your teeth less than pearly white. But that morning cup o’ joe from your favorite roadside kiosk may also be causing cavities …

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Sourced from The videos have been all over YouTube — mostly among kids and young people, showing how to make do-it-yourself, or DIY, braces using rubber bands, bobby pins, paper clips, and even aluminum foil. Just one video gave a Fresno girl the idea to create brackets with earring backs. The girl, Gabby (age 12), is now under the care of a professional after attempting to try these do-it-yourself braces to straighten her teeth.

The Hows & Whys of Root Canal Treatment

What Happens During a Root Canal? Most people cringe with uncertain discomfort at the mere sound of the words “you need a root canal.” In reality, a root canal, also known as “endodontic therapy,” is actually a good thing. It means hope for saving your tooth – and saving your smile. At South Anchorage Dental Center, Dr. Brimhall makes an effort to not only perform gentle and effective root canal procedures, but also to help you feel better about the overall treatment experience. Understanding the …

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