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Same Day Crowns in Anchorage

A Look at Same Day Dental Crowns

Offering design accuracy and perfection, our dental technology in Anchorage brings the world of dentistry innovative technology that delivers same day crowns for Anchorage patients through CAD/CAM restorative solutions. It is a painless experience that saves time because it offers same day treatment for patients who prefer not to take time off from work.

Same Day Dentistry

With same-day dentistry, patients can avoid temporary crowns and the need to make more than one dental appointment. Same-day crowns are completed in a single visit, allowing the patient to go from the initial examination of the mouth and teeth to the creation of the dental crown to the final fitting during the same appointment.


What Is the Process?

Specialized software using laser-imaging technology is utilized to make your E4D same day crowns. The dentist uses a specialized laser to complete a scan of your teeth in order to create an optical impression that can be utilized in the preparation of your dental crown.

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The Dental Crowns Procedure

At the beginning of your appointment, the dentist completes a full examination of your mouth in order to determine the viability of creating an E4D restoration for one or more teeth. Next, the dentist creates a digital impression (laser image) through the use of a scanner (optical or laser).

The laser image is entered into the computer and modified through 3-D CAD software that creates a virtual image or final design for the dental crown that is needed. The color of the crown is matched to that of your existing teeth.

Next, the design is sent to a specialized milling unit equipped with CAM technology that fashions an all-ceramic crown from a small block of porcelain utilizing tiny burs that do the milling to create a restoration with the proper shape and size. This part of the process takes approximately twenty minutes. The restoration is designed specifically for your mouth and to fit well with the remainder of your teeth.

Once the restoration has been properly milled, it is polished to create a realistic and lifelike appearance. After the polishing is completed, the crown is fired in an oven for approximately twenty minutes. Your dentist inspects the crown and checks its fit before permanently cementing it into place.

Summing It Up

Modern dentistry has given dental patients an innovative technique for tooth repair known as same day crowns. Through CAD/CAM technology, a dental crown can be prepared, fitted, and placed in a single day, saving time and money.

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