Teeth Whitening Discount makes it Possible for All Anchorage Residents to get the benefit of White Teeth

Let the dental offices of South Anchorage Dental Center make your teeth whiter and brighter by making an appointment for a teeth whitening treatment today.  It’s fast, simple and easy and now there is $250 savings on our regular price.  Take advantage of this offer before it disappears.


People will notice you when you smile

Our unique in-house whitening makes you want to smile all the time.  Stand out in the crowd and get noticed.  Teeth whitening makes you feel good and also improves your self esteem and confidence.

Try our teeth whitening and change your life

It’s true and has been tested multiple times that whiter teeth actually change the way you are perceived and helps shoot your self esteem right through the roof.  We have performed 100’s of whitening applications on Anchorage residents, just like you, with terrific results.  Show off your “new” teeth and feel proud of the results every day.  It will be fun to brush your teeth and make them bright and white.

A teeth whitening gel is applied to protect your teeth

The entire process takes around an hour and is painless.  A series of gels are applied and used as a whitening agent that provides immediate results.  After the gel is applied in office we provide all of our patients with a take home kit and gel along with instructions on how to apply the gel and maintain those fantastic results.  The end result is that you will have whiter teeth that will last for years.

And now with $250 off there has never been a better time to book an appointment.  Because this is a promotional price it will not last forever so book today for a brighter smile for years.

Call us now to schedule your personalized evaluation and whitening at (907) 341-4315