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6 Daily Activities That Can Seriously Damage Your Teeth

July 22, 2017
6 Daily Activities That Can Seriously Damage Your Teeth

“A genuine smile comes from the heart, but a healthy smile needs good dental care.” -Wayne Chirisa

A healthy smile means great oral health. That’s why it’s important to always make a conscious effort in avoiding activities that are harmful to your teeth. What we do daily has a huge impact on the future of our oral health. Read on to find out which daily activities are sabotaging your teeth.

1. Eating Sugary Foods

We all know that sugar is bad for our teeth, especially those that stick to your teeth longer, like jelly candies and dried fruits. Actually, sugar itself isn’t the enemy; it's Streptococcus mutans.

Streptococcus mutans is a bacteria that dwells in our mouth and consumes the sugar and starch that we eat. They will then create an acidic environment that strips the tooth’s enamel. So the next time you eat sweet snacks and meals, make sure to floss and remove food debris that’s stuck between your teeth.

2. Regularly Swimming in Chlorine-Filled Pools

Swimming is a healthy exercise. Unfortunately, too much swimming in chlorine-filled pool can also weaken your teeth and here’s how it happens.
As we swim in a pool that has too much chlorine, the water occasionally seeps into our mouth and our teeth. As such, the chlorine wears down the enamel on your teeth.
Obviously, you don’t have to stop swimming. Just make sure that the pH level of the pool is below 7 to ensure that it’s safe for your teeth.

3. Too Much Wine

Yes, we all know that too much of everything can harm us, and unfortunately, that includes wine too! To all wine lovers, avoid too much wine swirling around your teeth. Though it’s good for wine tasting, it’s unhealthy for your teeth.
Red wine and especially white wine are acidic. So when you swirl it around your mouth, you’re also covering your teeth with acid that can erode your teeth.

4. Drinking Tea and Coffee

There are two types of people in the world. Those that drink coffee in the morning and those that drink tea; however, these two have one thing in common. They both stain our teeth. The enamel on our teeth isn’t smooth and flat. It has microscopic ridges and pits that can hold the particles of what we’re eating and drinking. That’s why coffee and tea can stain our teeth. It seeps into the enamel and discolors your teeth.
It’s understandable that we can’t easily give up drinking coffee and tea. So how can you get your daily coffee or tea fix? Drink it during your break rather than mindlessly sipping it the entire day at work. Once you’re done drinking, it’s best to brush your teeth to remove pigments on your teeth.

5. Overbrushing

It’s important to note that brushing harder and longer doesn’t mean that you’re cleaning your teeth better. It can even result in enamel or gum abrasion. So, what should you do then?
To ensure that your teeth are properly cleaned, learn how to properly brush your teeth. For example, tilt your toothbrush at a  45° angle away from your gum line. Then start from the upper outer surface going to the lower end of the teeth. Brush your inner, upper and lower teeth next.  Then finish with the chewing surfaces.
Don’t do it longer than 2 minutes and make sure you apply just the right amount of pressure. And don’t forget to clean your tongue, too!

6. Using Your Teeth as a Bottle Opener

Even though you have healthy teeth, refrain from using it to open a bottle, rip a packet of chips, or other similar activities as it can weaken your teeth. It can even chip off or fracture your teeth which can also become a bigger dental problem.
Make sure to have a bottle opener and scissors at bay. And use them instead of your teeth.
These are just some of the common activities that can harm your teeth. So if possible, avoid or minimize these activities and don’t forget to brush your teeth to keep a healthy smile!
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