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Five Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry for Your Next Appointment

November 29, 2017
Five Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry for Your Next Appointment

Does the thought of visiting your family dentist make you feel a little nervous? Do your palms start to sweat as soon as you sit down in the dental chair? Maybe you haven’t gone to the dentist in years, even though you know you need to. At South Anchorage Dental Center, we take added steps to ensure that your visit is an enjoyable experience. Whether you suffer from severe dental phobia or just have a mild aversion to letting someone work on your teeth, we have five reasons why you should consider requesting sedation during your next procedure.

1. It Goes by Faster

Sedation dentistry helps you relax, which means you’re more comfortable from start to finish. Because our South Anchorage dentist puts so much effort into keeping you comfortable, it impacts the length of your appointment. Knowing that you’re at ease from the very beginning means that Dr. Brimhall can work more efficiently, completing the procedure in less time.

2. You Won’t Mind as Much

The best part about having sedation during your dental treatment is that you just won’t care as much about what’s going on. Depending on the type of sedative or medication that we use, you’ll feel light hearted or sleepy. Some people experience amnesia with certain sleep dentistry medications, making them forget everything altogether. If you feel like you worry about the treatment before it even starts, then choosing an anxiety-free sedation option is an obvious choice.

3. Take Care of Everything at Once

Looking to have same day dental implants? Do you need a root canal? What about those three cavities that you keep putting off? Instead of scheduling three, four, or five different appointments, why not nap through the entire thing and have them done at once? Sedation dentistry keeps you comfortable, so that multiple procedures can be performed in one longer appointment.

4. Save Money By Staying Ahead of Dental Problems

When your smile is healthy, it’s easier to maintain. Thanks to sedation and your ability to treat ongoing dental problems, you won’t have to worry about them getting bigger or spreading to other teeth. It’s like you get a second chance to have a cavity-free smile. With great preventive care (thanks to routine checkups and cleanings) you can keep new decay and gum disease at bay.

5. It Will Change Your Perspective

A lot of our sedation dentistry patients find that their experience is such a positive one, that they don’t even need anti-anxiety medication during their next visit. Our compassionate Anchorage family dentist treats you just like family, so that you don’t have to feel nervous about taking care of your smile’s needs.

Types of Dental Treatments When Sedation is Used

You can request dental sedation at any time. Whether you need to have a tooth extracted, implant placed, or just get a small filling, this option is available upon request. Be sure to bring a list of your current medications and discuss any underlying health concerns with us first, so that we can make sure you’re a candidate.We have something for everyone. If you’re in pain and need emergency care, or are finally ready to schedule that next filling, we invite you to give us a call. Our South Anchorage dentist is currently accepting new patients. 0% financing plans are available!

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