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How To Get an Emergency Dentist Appointment in Anchorage

February 10, 2020
How To Get an Emergency Dentist Appointment in Anchorage

South Anchorage Dental Center has dentists on call 24/7. If you have a dental emergency in Anchorage, Alaska call our out-of-hours line at (907) 248-7275, or (907) 248-7275 during regular office hours.

Common Dental Emergencies

Maybe you think you need an emergency dentist, but you're not sure. Read on to find out! Here we'll cover some of the most common dental emergencies, all treatable by our team of qualified emergency dentists.


Toothache is one of the most common reasons to visit an emergency dentist. Often a toothache can be "cured"  by brushing, flossing, and rinsing the mouth to remove debris. However, if you have tried that and still have a toothache, you may have something more serious.

Toothache can be a symptom of a cavity or abscess, in this case, it is best to see your Anchorage emergency dentist to find out the exact cause of the pain, and to get relief.

It is also possible that your toothache is caused by a fracture or a dislodged filling, or even an infection.

Chips and Fractures

Another reason to visit an emergency dentist is either a cracked or chipped tooth. Although teeth are made of enamel, a very strong material, it is no surprise that they sometimes break. Any sufficiently large trauma can cause damage to teeth. This can be painful and may cause distress, especially if there is bleeding.

In this case, it is important to get to an emergency dentist as they will be able to relieve pain and help reduce distress. We at South Anchorage Dental are especially prepared to treat children, with our new kid-friendly station.

Loose or Knocked-out tooth

A knocked-out (avulsed) tooth is a serious issue and you should seek an emergency dentist immediately. If the tooth is replaced within 30 minutes it should be possible to save it. If your tooth is completely knocked-out it is important not to touch the root, and to keep it moist. First, rinse out your mouth and the tooth with water, do not clean the tooth any more than that, as this can damage tissues that are needed for reconnection. If possible place the tooth back into the gum, however, if this is not possible keep the tooth moist in saline or milk.


Infection can be a severe cause of tooth pain, as the infected site can be trapped against the nerve. If this is the case it is important to see an emergency dentist to determine whether you'll need antibiotics. Your emergency dentist may also recommend pain medication in the meantime.

Where Can I Find an Emergency Dentist in Anchorage?

South Anchorage Dental Center has a 24/7 emergency service. We also provide a free exam to assess the problem. Call our out-of-hours line at (907) 248-7275, or (907) 248-7275 during regular office hours. Find out more about our emergency service, as well as office hours.

If you come to us during our regular hours, you'll also qualify for our dental savings plan! Find out more.

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