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The Top 3 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants

March 6, 2019
The Top 3 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Implants

If you have recently lost a tooth or are missing several teeth, it is time to get implants. Not only do implants protect your dental health, but they will bring your smile back to its former glory! It is important to get implants as quickly as possible. That's why we offer same-day dental implants. With same-day implants, you don't have to wait the weeks that traditional implants require, saving you time and money, and getting you back to everyday life, faster.

At South Anchorage Dental Center, we offer emergency dental services for patients who just can't wait. If you think your missing tooth or teeth may be an emergency, give us a call at (907) 248-7275 during regular business hours or (907) 602-3136 after hours to talk to a dentist.

PLEASE NOTE: Same-day dental implants are not for everyone. Your dentist will assess your dental health and medical situation to determine if you are eligible for same-day implants.

Save Time and Money With Same-Day Implants

With traditional implants, a dentist may wait weeks to a month after the implant before placing the crown, the finished part of the new tooth that looks good and that allows you to eat and speak properly. They do so to allow your implant to fuse with your jaw bone and to allow your jaw bone to heal. This process takes a lot of time and requires more trips to the dentist, however, interrupting your schedule and costing you more money overall.With same-day implants, the entire procedure--the implant as well as the aesthetic crown--can be taken care of in one visit, saving you time and money!

Return to Everyday Life Faster

When dentists place traditional implants, they give you a prosthetic to wear while you are waiting for the final crown. These can be incredibly uncomfortable as they are not custom fit to your mouth. If you are wearing a prosthetic, you may have difficulty eating and speaking comfortably, which can affect the quality of your everyday life.When dentists place same-day implants, they place the final, custom crown right away! This means that you do not have to wear an uncomfortable prosthetic and you can begin eating and speaking comfortably, immediately. That said, with same-day crowns, you still want to stick with softer foods and avoid smoking while your jaw bone heals.

Did you know that it takes 3-6 months for an implant to fuse to the jaw bone and for your jaw bone to heal?

Get Your Smile Back Right Away

As we mentioned, traditional implants require the use of prosthetics while the jaw bone heals, before the beautiful crown is placed. Dental prosthetics rarely match the exact color of your teeth, and they can make your smile look funny while you wait for your crown.Same-day implants do not require the use of prosthetics, the dentist places your gorgeous new crown on the same day! He restores your natural smile in one visit. Placing your crown immediately has an added benefit, your gums have the chance to form naturally around the new crown as soon as possible!If you are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of same-day implants, give us a call at South Anchorage Dental Center! We would love to get started restoring your smile with a complimentary consultation. You can also learn more about same-day implants on our page.

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