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7 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth Safely

October 11, 2017
7 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth Safely

They say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile and what’s the best way to do it than have a bright set of teeth. Unfortunately, the majority of us really can’t maintain our teeth’s luster because of stains from what we drink, eat, and the mouthwash products that we use. That’s why many patients ask about simple steps in restoring their bright and white smile. That’s why we’ve come up with these simple steps you can start implementing right now.

1. Whitening toothpastes

Let’s start with the basics. Whitening toothpastes can be bought over-the-counter and can easily be used at home. Although all toothpastes have abrasive actions and polishing, whitening toothpastes have additional polishing chemicals. There are also whitening rinses that can help reduce the surface stains on your teeth.

2. Stop or avoid smoking

We all know that smoking a cigarette is dangerous to our health and to the people around us too. Everyone should also be aware that smoking tobacco can stain your teeth. It leaves a brown stain that penetrates the enamel of the tooth.
Avoid this pitfall especially because tobacco stains are hard to remove from brushing alone. The longer you’ve been smoking, the deeper the stains left on your teeth.

3. Drink wisely

And no, we’re not just talking about beer here. This also includes coffee, wine, and tea. Remember that anything that can stain a white cloth can stain your teeth. It may not be immediately visible, but the stain can grow noticeable over time.
So for the coffee lovers, take your coffee during your break. Avoid sipping it the entire day because this can cause more stains. For wine drinkers, make sure to drink a glass or two without swirling the wine.

4. DIY teeth whitening

If you’re up for it, you can also try using home kits for teeth stain removal. However, don’t get your hopes too high as these only lighten and not remove stains from the teeth. There are also kits available that don’t just remove stains but can also change your natural color of your teeth. These products contain mild bleach. Some are available in gel types.

5. Teeth maintenance

You can also achieve a whiter smile by making sure that you brush your teeth regularly. Brushing at least twice a day or after every meal helps in preventing teeth stains.
Traditional brushes are great, but you can also use an electric toothbrush to easily remove stains on the surface of your teeth and plaque. Don’t forget to floss too.

White teeth are great, but healthy teeth are even better.

6. Teeth whitening by your dentist

There are different approaches in teeth whitening. If you have crowns, fillings, bondings, and the likes, then it’s best to visit your dentist.
Professional teeth whitening are popular nowadays especially to those who are not into DIYs. Here at South Anchorage Dental Center, we offer in-house laser whitening that usually takes about an hour.  

7. See your dentist

Last but not the least, schedule regular appointments and check-ups. Remember that expert advice is important especially if you have specific concerns. One day at the dentist couldn’t hurt. Especially if it gives you a healthier whiter smile, right?
What are your DIY teeth whitening hacks? We’d love to hear them. If you want to know more about teeth whitening, we’re just a phone call away! Contact us today.

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