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What Age Should You Schedule Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentist Appointment?

March 24, 2022
What Age Should You Schedule Your Child’s First Pediatric Dentist Appointment?

Going to the dentist is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene and preventing other health issues. Most people know that adults and kids should be going to the dentist. 

However, it can seem unclear when you should start taking your child to their first appointment. Some parents wait until they are toddlers and have all their teeth in. Plus, it’s easier to explain why it’s essential to see a dentist when they can understand it more. 

Taking your child to the dentist at an earlier age is the right approach. Many benefits come from taking your child at an early age. Here is an explanation of what age you should schedule your child’s first pediatric dentist appointment and why it’s important to do so. 

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What Age Should You Schedule Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment? 

Taking your child to the dentist at an early age is essential for their health and establishing their relationship with going to the dentist. And while it may seem too early, taking your child to the dentist by the age of one is highly advised. 

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends taking infants when their first tooth appears or no later than their first birthday. By doing so, you’re able to know that the development of their mouth and teeth is healthy, and you’re setting them up for good oral health and overall healthy habits. 

Visiting pediatric or family dentists at a young age will help detect any oral problems that could affect them in the long run. During the first appointment, it allows your dentist to give you insight on: 

  • Baby bottle tooth decay
  • Infant feeding practices
  • Mouth Cleaning
  • Teething
  • Pacifier habits
  • Finger-sucking habits

Your dentist will carefully look over their gums and teeth to spot any problems, then give you information on how to keep them healthy.

Why Should You Go At An Early Age?

Infants may only have a few teeth by their first birthday; however, even these small teeth are susceptible to cavities. Even before their teeth arrive, they may be at risk for tooth decay. 

Children under the age of six can get tooth decay known as Early Childhood Caries (ECC) that impacts over 23% of children in the U.S. Their diet of breastmilk, formula, juice, and other forms of nutrition contain sugars that can remain in your child’s mouth for extended periods. The bacteria can cling onto their gums and damage baby teeth as they grow in. 

It also allows your child to get used to the dentist. By starting them early, you’re giving them a way to familiarize themselves and get comfortable with going to their dentist. It will establish a healthy relationship with oral hygiene and allow them to feel comfortable whenever they have to go to appointments. 

Many people have dental anxiety, so starting your child’s habits early is beneficial for their long-term oral health. Going to the dentist yourself is a great way to set an example. You’ll feel more educated and know how to help your child’s oral health better. 

Why Should You Choose South Anchorage Dental Center?

Choosing a family dentist is a great way to treat your whole family. It’s a one-stop-shop for parents, so they don’t have to worry about making multiple trips to the dentist. 

We also offer a variety of services that will help you avoid going to several places for your dental care, including: 

  • Crowns
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental cleaning
  • Dentures
  • Fillings
  • Implants
  • Invisalign clear braces
  • Root canals
  • Sedation dentistry
  • Veneers
  • Wisdom teeth extraction

We also offer emergency dental services that will ensure that you’re never worried about a dental issue. And with our Dental Savings Plan, you can rest assured that you do not have to spend a fortune on services. 

Our expert staff is trained to work with kids and make your first appointment comfortable for you and your child. 

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