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What Do Veneers Do for My Teeth?

June 13, 2019
What Do Veneers Do for My Teeth?

Wondering what veneers are and how they work? You've come to the right place. Today, we are talking about what to consider if you are thinking about making this foray into cosmetic dentistry.

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What Are Veneers?

Veneers are very thin (1/2 millimeter thick!) shells of either porcelain, composite resin, or acrylic material. They are custom-made to cover the front surface of your teeth.

Veneers are designed to improve your smile, whether by whitening, reshaping, or resizing stained, crooked, or misshapen teeth. They can fix gaps and chips in teeth as well. Many people get veneers to permanently whiten their smile, to replace damaged enamel, or to fix minor problems with the alignment of their teeth that do not require an orthodontist.

Porcelain and composite resin veneers are the most popular. Porcelain veneers are the strongest, resist stains the best, and look the most natural, however, they are more expensive than composite resin veneers, they take longer to get (2-4 weeks lab production), and they require more enamel removal, as we will discuss in a moment.

Composite resin veneers are more easily damaged but they can also be repaired whereas porcelain veneers cannot. Additionally, they can be applied on the same day as impressions are taken.

How Do Veneers Work?

Your dentist will schedule a consultation with you to discuss what you want, to examine your teeth, and to let you know what he can do. Then, depending on the plan you have agreed upon, your dentist will remove a thin layer of your enamel where the veneers are to be placed. He will take impressions of your teeth with the enamel removed to send to the lab so they know how the porcelain veneers should fit. If you are getting composite resin veneers, your dentist will mold them in the office.

Once the veneers have been made, your dentist will check the fit and bite and trim them down until they are perfect. He will then prepare your teeth by cleaning, polishing, and etching them so they will bond with the cement. He will place the veneers with the cement and use a light to harden them quickly. Finally, he will remove any excess cement and make final adjustments to your bite. He may schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure everything is working as it should.

Veneers can be a great way to achieve the smile you have always wanted! If you would like to discuss your options with Dr. Broc Brimhall, schedule a complimentary consultation with us. We would love to hear what you are thinking and help you find the perfect solution.

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