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Woman experiencing a dental emergency

Do I Need to Go to an Emergency Dentist? | Part II

While some dental issues need to be treated like emergencies, others can wait for normal business hours. How do you know the difference? Last month, we discussed 3 reasons why you might want to call in a dental emergency including broken, loose, or missing teeth and crowns. Today, we’re going to talk about swelling, gum injuries, and what to do if your teeth just ache! Read on to learn more. Remember, South Anchorage Dental Center offers after hours emergency treatment! If you are unsure about the …

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Man experiencing painful toothache over the holidays

Do I Need to Go to an Emergency Dentist? | Part I

So you just chipped your tooth on a stair, lost one of your pearly whites in a hockey game, or spit out a filling into the sink… Do you have a dental emergency? Some dental problems need to be treated right away to save a tooth, alleviate severe pain, or treat a dangerous infection, but some can wait until your dental office opens for the day. Over the next two months, we are going to cover common dental problems, which should be treated as emergency situations, …

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Dental Veneers — The Pros and Cons

You’re thinking about upgrading your smile with a set of brand-new porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a great way to instantly enhance your appearance. But before you decide whether or not they’re right for you, take a minute to consider some of the benefits and drawbacks to having the treatment.   How Do Veneers Work? A dental veneer is a wafer-thin shell of porcelain that replaces the enamel on the front of a tooth. Only upper front teeth usually qualify for veneers, since these delicate …

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Oral Health: A Reflection of Your Overall Wellness

Have you ever thought of your mouth acting as a portal of entry for infection? Or a gateway to your body? A healthy mouth and healthy body go hand in hand. If you don’t take proper care of your teeth and gums, not only can it result in cavities and gum disease (periodontal disease), it can cause far more serious consequences. Gum disease is the most chronic inflammatory condition in the world. Studies have shown a direct correlation between certain health problems and poor oral …

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Don’t Lose Your Benefits

You Could be Losing Your Dental Benefits. Schedule a Visit by Year’s End There are only a couple of weeks left until 2018 rolls around. Did you know that the end of the year is one of the most important times to take advantage of your dental insurance benefits? If you’re wondering why, it’s because you lose all of them once the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. Yes, you read that correctly. Come New Years’ Day, all of the benefits you qualify for in …

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Five Reasons to Consider Sedation Dentistry for Your Next Appointment

Does the thought of visiting your family dentist make you feel a little nervous? Do your palms start to sweat as soon as you sit down in the dental chair? Maybe you haven’t gone to the dentist in years, even though you know you need to. At South Anchorage Dental Center, we take added steps to ensure that your visit is an enjoyable experience. Whether you suffer from severe dental phobia or just have a mild aversion to letting someone work on your teeth, we …

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Bad Breath

8 Effective Ways to Beat Bad Breath

8 Effective Ways To Beat Bad Breath Bad breath is something that everyone has experienced, and obviously no one ever really wants to have it on a frequent basis. That’s why it’s important to learn simple and efficient ways to get rid of it. Whether you’re suffering from this common condition or you want to prevent from having it, make sure to try these simple steps to have a clean and healthy oral health. 1. Brush and floss Every time we eat and drink, plaque …

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7 Secrets To Achieve Whiter Teeth Safely

They say that you’re never fully dressed without a smile and what’s the best way to do it than have a bright set of teeth. Unfortunately, the majority of us really can’t maintain our teeth’s luster because of stains from what we drink, eat, and the mouthwash products that we use. That’s why many patients ask about simple steps in restoring their bright and white smile. That’s why we’ve come up with these simple steps you can start implementing right now. 1. Whitening toothpastes Let’s …

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Do You Really Need to Floss?

Do You Really Need To Floss? “You don’t have to floss all of your teeth. Just the ones you want to keep.” Most people follow the recommendation of brushing their teeth twice a day, but only a few follow the advice of flossing their teeth regularly. Why? Some say it’s time consuming and others don’t really know the exact importance of flossing. What a lot of people don’t know is that flossing plays an important role in our dental health. Even though brushing the teeth …

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5 Things You Can Do To Maintain Great Gum Health

Having healthy gums is one of the things that contributes to a tip-top oral health and a beautiful smile. Even though brushing and flossing helps in maintaining a great gum health, there are other things you can do to take care of your gums. If you are looking for ways on how to have a better gum health, here are some helpful things you can do:   Go for a Fluoride Toothpaste If you are not using a toothpaste with fluoride, it’s about time that …

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