Woman looking in the mirror at her new implant supported dentures

5 Key Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures for Widespread Tooth Loss

Conventional dentures can look and feel awkward, especially when you laugh. They might feel like having foreign objects in your mouth and shift around at inopportune times. Not only can dentures feel unstable and unnatural, but over time, long-time denture users share that dentures can become loose and fit inappropriately. So, let’s face it, uncomfortable fitting dentures lend to an uncomfortable mouth and body. That’s why implant-supported dentures …

Happy senior couple with beautiful smiles from dentures outdoors

Prolonging Your Smile: What Type of Dentures Are Right for You? 

While eyes may be windows to the soul, your smile is the gateway to the world. When the quality of your smile has been compromised due to extensive tooth loss, it can have a profound effect on your life.  Your teeth work together not only to bite and chew, but also to support the structure of your facial profile. When multiple teeth are lost your appearance can change drastically as skin droops and facial structure may appear hollow or …

Why Dentures When You Can Get Implants Instead?

Why Dentures When You Can Get Implants Instead?

As dental technology advances, treatment options advance with it. Implants have emerged as an effective solution for patients who are missing some or all of their teeth. In fact, many patients are choosing implants as an alternative to traditional dentures! Why are implants so popular, and why would anyone consider getting dentures instead? Learn more about the benefits of implants, the reasons why dentures are still a viable treatment option, and the …