Woman smiling with white teeth from getting her teeth whitened from a dentist

3 Options for Teeth Whitening: In-Office Treatment, Custom Trays, and Veneers

Do you want an eye-catching, brilliant smile? Although straight teeth through Invisalign can be part of that solution, teeth whitening is a fantastic way to get the best smile in town. When you have bright teeth, your smile widens, and you take on each day with a walk of confidence. You can achieve the smile of your dreams in a few ways. Here’s a breakdown of the three options for teeth whitening from a dentist. Are you interested in the best dental …


Veneers vs. Dental Bonding: Which Is Right for You? 

Maintaining your smile and teeth can sometimes be a challenge. Even after braces, remembering to wear your retainers every night can be difficult for some. And if you don’t wear your retainers, you know your teeth are bound to shift over a certain period. Dentists remind you to brush and floss twice daily, but how do you juggle all of that when you are running around and super busy? Do not stress! If you start noticing your teeth shifting, unwanted …

What Do Veneers Do for My Teeth?

What Do Veneers Do for My Teeth?

Wondering what veneers are and how they work? You've come to the right place. Today, we are talking about what to consider if you are thinking about making this foray into cosmetic dentistry. Ready for veneers? Dr. Broc Brimhall would love to get you in for a complimentary consultation. What Are Veneers? Veneers are very thin (1/2 millimeter thick!) shells of either porcelain, composite resin, or acrylic material. They are custom-made to cover …