Woman has root canal therapy to save damaged tooth.

Root Canal Treatment 

Preserve Your Teeth and Treat Toothaches 

Root Canal Therapy in Anchorage

Root canal therapy is a specialized treatment that helps repair and preserve teeth that are badly decayed or damaged. Sometimes the pulp of the tooth becomes infected or injured due to dental trauma, a deep cavity, or repeated treatments to the same tooth. With root canal treatment, you can avoid extracting a problem tooth and return it to its natural state.

Dr. Broc Brimhall discusses root canal therapy

What To Expect for Root Canal Treatment

Root canals are one of the most common restorative treatments. Many patients are anxious that a root canal is a very painful procedure. However, with local anesthetics and major dental advances, most people experience little to no pain during the procedure. Here is how perform root canal therapy:

  1. We examine and x-ray the affected tooth and then administer local anesthesia.
  2. A dental dam is placed over the affected tooth to isolate it and block any saliva.
  3. The dentist makes a small opening in the tooth and removes the damaged pulp.
  4. We rinse, sanitize, and shape the pulp chamber and root canals.
  5. If needed, a temporary filling is placed and removed during a second appointment.
  6. Using a material called gutta-percha, a permanent filler is placed.
  7. A metal or plastic rod may be placed in the canal for structure support.
  8. A dental crown is placed over the tooth to restore and protect it.

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