Teeth Whitening

Woman getting her teeth whitened

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening may be a great way to produce a brighter and whiter smile and boost self-confidence. However, there’s a distinction between over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and in-office teeth whitening procedures. Because discolored and yellowing teeth can be really embarrassing, a solution will help you feel more confident about your smile. And although there's no shortage of whitening merchandise that claim to assist you with bringing back your …

Woman smiling with white teeth from getting her teeth whitened from a dentist

3 Options for Teeth Whitening: In-Office Treatment, Custom Trays, and Veneers

Do you want an eye-catching, brilliant smile? Although straight teeth through Invisalign can be part of that solution, teeth whitening is a fantastic way to get the best smile in town. When you have bright teeth, your smile widens, and you take on each day with a walk of confidence. You can achieve the smile of your dreams in a few ways. Here’s a breakdown of the three options for teeth whitening from a dentist. Are you interested in the best dental …

Woman drinking coffee and contemplating the best time to brush her teeth

The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Dental Hygiene

Coffee is a great drink that can taste amazing and give you the energy to start your day (or keep it going). And many people drink coffee when they first wake up to help get them energized. Some people also have more coffee throughout the day to continue the energy and help them complete their day's tasks. While coffee can be great, it’s not great for your dental health. It contacts harmful contents that can stain your pearly whites and negatively …