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9 Benefits of Dental Implants from an Anchorage Family Dentist

January 2, 2023
9 Benefits of Dental Implants from an Anchorage Family Dentist

Dental implants are the ideal solution to missing teeth. They are the most permanent, the most natural-looking, and the best-functioning tooth replacement options available for both children and adults. Of course, you have many options for replacing missing or damaged teeth. However, implants are the superior option if you have healthy gums and teeth. Here’s why.

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The 9 Benefits of Dental Implants

With modern advances in dental care, most people are good candidates for dental implants. Why would you choose this option? Here are the top nine benefits of dental implants that make them the best option for many people who are missing teeth or need tooth replacements.

1. Dental implants are the most permanent tooth replacement option

Dental implants last longer than any other type of tooth replacement. For most people, implants last a lifetime. The titanium screws continue to hold year after year. Moreover, implants integrate with your bone, so they become a permanent tooth replacement.

2. Dental implants look and function like natural teeth

Just because you lost a tooth doesn’t mean you can’t chew, speak, and smile as you did before. By getting dental implants, you can restore the natural function of your teeth, allowing you to go about your life as you always have.

3. They help you avoid bone loss

Dental implants actually stimulate bone growth. Unlike dentures, which sit on top of the gums, implants attach to the bone to protect you from the bone loss that could happen as you age.

4. Teeth next to implants stay stable

Suppose you have dental implants next to teeth that remain intact. In that case, dental implants keep those natural teeth in their normal place. If you lose teeth and don’t replace them, the teeth will shift and lose their usual position. So, this is one of the best benefits of dental implants for people who are replacing one or some of their teeth.

5. Implants reduce the risk of gum disease

The gap created when you lose a tooth can become filled with food and bacteria. However, with dental implants, there is no gap. Thus, it’s easier to keep your mouth free of harmful germs and prevent gum disease.

6. With dental implants, your face stays more youthful

Losing teeth can change the shape of your face. You might immediately notice changes like a hollow-looking area. Over time, living without that tooth can result in bone loss that alters your look altogether. You might get more wrinkles around your mouth, your chin might get more pointed, and your lips might appear thinner.

Overall, you tend to look older when you don’t replace missing teeth. One of the benefits of dental implants is that they keep you looking younger for longer.

7. Improved Self-Confidence and Decreased Worry

Have you ever considered high self-esteem and reduced dental anxiety important parts of good dental health? At SADC, we believe your mental health affects your dental health. After all, if you don’t feel good about who you are, how likely are you to take care of your dental health? What’s more, if you worry about looking bad whenever you chew or talk to someone, your anxiety could affect your overall health.

However, with dental implants, you never have to worry about your dentures falling out or someone noticing a missing tooth. It’s easier to feel good about yourself and, therefore, natural to take care of your teeth and your general health.

8. Implants don’t cover the roof of your mouth

Dental implants allow you to have teeth that attach to the titanium screws inserted in your jaws. Because they provide that stabilizing force, you don’t need dentures covering the roof of your mouth. This is an important benefit because many people with full or upper partial dentures dislike the feeling of having the roof of their mouth covered so much that they wear their dentures as seldom as possible.

9. Dental implants are safe and practical for children

When a child loses a tooth, usually due to an accident, replacing that tooth is critical to their dental health, as well as their self-esteem and overall physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, many of the other options for replacing that tooth can be problematic or impractical for a child. Beyond that, you need a tooth replacement that will last as long as possible since your child will live with it for many years.

A dental implant can give your child the best chance of good dental health in the future. They can take care of it more easily than other options. It will last them longer – possibly for their entire lifetime. And dental implants are safe for kids when you choose an experienced family dentist.

Why Are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures Alone?

Crowns are usually used with implants if you have only lost one or a few teeth. However, if you’ve lost all or most of your teeth, you can choose to have dentures with or without dental implants. While dentures alone are better than no teeth replacements, dental implants offer the superior option. Here are some of the benefits of dental implants with dentures.

You get better chewing power

Chewing with dentures alone can be messy, inefficient, and unattractive. No matter what you do, dentures alone will never have the stability and chewing power of dentures with dental implants. That’s because the dental implants hold your prosthetic securely in place, allowing you to eat easily and without embarrassment.

Dentures with implants don’t slip out

When you wear dentures, you might find that they slip out all too often. A sneeze or cough can send them flying from your mouth at the least convenient time. Sometimes even speaking emphatically can be enough to dislodge them.

However, if your dentures are supported by implants, they stay securely in place. Therefore, you can wear them confidently without any worry that they will slip out.

Experience the Benefits of Dental Implants at SADC

If you’re ready to explore the option of dental implants for you or your child, consider the benefits of dental implants at South Anchorage Dental Center. We provide top-quality care from an experienced dental care team. From patient education to assessment to the dental implant procedure, you can relax and look forward to your outstanding results.

We offer flexible hours and payment options that make dental implants affordable for nearly anyone. We accept nearly all dental insurance plans or can enroll you in our SADC Dental Savings Plan if you don’t have insurance. Contact us to set up a consultation for dental implants in Anchorage to get started. We’re ready to help you achieve better dental health and a more attractive smile!

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