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The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Dental Hygiene

July 6, 2022
The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Dental Hygiene

Coffee is a great drink that can taste amazing and give you the energy to start your day (or keep it going). And many people drink coffee when they first wake up to help get them energized. Some people also have more coffee throughout the day to continue the energy and help them complete their day's tasks.

While coffee can be great, it’s not great for your dental health. It contacts harmful contents that can stain your pearly whites and negatively affect your teeth and gums.

So, how can you continue drinking coffee but maintain your dental health? Here’s a guide on the best time to brush your teeth after coffee and what can you do to help your dental hygiene.

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What Does Coffee Do to Your Dental Hygiene?

Drinking coffee can feel great and help you get energized for the day. However, your teeth and gum health can be at risk. Even one cup of coffee a day can increase the chances of cavities.

Coffee can also contribute to halitosis or bad breath because of the thick scent and the way it increases oral bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria can create acid that leads to tooth and enamel erosion. Enamel is made up of minerals, mainly hydroxyapatite, and is the protective layer of your teeth. It’s also partially responsible for the color of your teeth.

The most prominent problem of drinking coffee regularly is the discoloration of your teeth. Coffee can discolor teeth because of an ingredient called tannin. This can discolor your teeth and is found in other beverages like wine and tea.

The enamel combined with the color of the underlying material of dentin produce the color of your teeth. Coffee can intrude the enamel, covering it with a deep yellow to brownish color. When the enamel becomes thin, the dentin becomes more visible, resulting in yellow teeth.

Adding creamer to coffee will also not stop the discoloration of your teeth. The pigments and acids responsible for the dark coffee color don’t disappear with adding creamer, so it can still stain your teeth with a dark color. Creamer and sugars can also speed up the growth of bacteria.

How to Prevent Coffee from Staining Your Teeth

Prevent Coffee from Staining Your Teeth Infographic

Although stopping your coffee consumption would reduce your chances of discoloring your teeth and damaging your dental hygiene, stopping your coffee intake can be difficult. To avoid the discoloration of your teeth, you can try drinking it from a straw to reduce contact with the teeth.

You can also try to sip coffee throughout the day, rather than drinking it in one go to prevent the build-up of bacteria. Drinking lots of water can also help quickly rinse the residual liquids. One of the most effective ways to help reduce the effects of coffee on your teeth including thoroughly brushing and flossing your teeth shortly after a cup of coffee to reduce stains.

You want to wait at least 30 minutes after drinking coffee to brush as it will allow the acid in your mouth to neutralize. Eating vegetables such as carrots and celery after a cup of coffee will help in reducing tooth discoloration and freshen up your breath.

It’s also a great idea to see your dentist at least once a year to get a deep cleaning of your teeth. Your dentist can help clean the stains from your teeth so your smile stays nice and pearly white.

There are a few ways that you can help maintain your dental hygiene, including:

  • Waiting 30 minutes before brushing your teeth
  • Drinking water
  • Using a straw
  • Using an electric toothbrush
  • Getting your teeth professionally whitened
  • Visiting your dentist regularly
  • Brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash regularly

Following these tips can allow you to continue drinking coffee and prioritize your dental health. You can enjoy having coffee in your diet but also avoid potential dental health issues that result from damaging your teeth and gums.

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Can Teeth Whitening Help with Coffee Stains?

Coffee can affect the state of your dental health, which can be treated by seeing your dentist. If you’re concerned about how coffee or other beverages have stained your teeth, you can turn to professional teeth whitening to help treat your dental hygiene.

Some people may be tempted to buy the teeth whitening packages you find in stores. However, these quick solutions don’t deeply clean and whiten your teeth as your dentist would. Getting professional teeth whitening can help your teeth return to healthy white teeth.

At South Anchorage Dental Center, we offer two different types of teeth whitening methods that can help erase stains and get noticeable results. One method includes sending you home with At-Home Dental Teeth Whitening Trays. We will take an impression of your teeth in our office and provide you with a customized clear tray and whitening gel.

We will provide instructions on how to apply the gel and how often you should whiten your teeth. The treatment process is more gradual, typically occurring over a couple of weeks. You can also use these trays on occasion to whiten your teeth and maintain your new smile.

The other method includes in-office professional teeth whitening. This includes laser teeth whitening, which is an effective method for getting white teeth instantly. You’ll come to our office for this bleaching procedure, and our dentist will whiten your teeth.

First, we’ll apply a protective gel to your gums, paint the bleaching agent onto your teeth, and use a laser to enhance the agent. We’ll send you home with a take-home gel and instructions on how to keep your smile bright.

Why Should You Choose South Anchorage Dental Center?

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We understand that you want to continue enjoying drinks such as coffee or wine, so we want to ensure that you can still enjoy that while maintaining amazing dental hygiene. We will help you with professional teeth whitening to help you accomplish an amazing white smile. You can also see us for your regular dental checkups to ensure that your dental health is in top condition.

We also offer emergency dental services that allow you to receive care even when you don’t have an appointment. Accidents happen, and we want to be there to help you get through them. If you’ve got a dental emergency, you can call our office so we can restore your beautiful smile as soon as possible.

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