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The Top 3 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

February 6, 2019
The Top 3 Benefits of Same-Day Dental Crowns

So you need to get a crown. Maybe you just chipped your tooth, lost your last crown, or experienced one of any number of dental emergencies. Whatever the case may be, you are going to want to get your smile restored as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, many dentists only offer traditional crowns that take multiple visits to the dentist, weeks to get placed, and a lot of discomfort along the way. At South Anchorage Dental Center, we have updated our dental technology to offer same-day dental crowns that can be placed comfortably in one visit. Learn more!

Did you know that South Anchorage Dental Center also offers after-hours emergency treatment for patients needing crowns? If you are unsure about the severity of your dental issue, feel free to call us at (907) 248-7275 during regular business hours or (907) 602-3136 after hours to talk to a professional!

PLEASE NOTE: Same-day dental crowns are not for everyone. Your dentist will assess your dental health and medical situation to determine if you are eligible for same-day crowns.

1. Make Fewer Visits to the Dentist

Traditional crowns require two visits to the dentist at a minimum, one to get the tooth prepared and to take impressions, and one to place the final crown. There are often weeks between these visits as the custom crown is produced in a lab.

Scheduling multiple visits to the dentist can be a hassle, taking time off at work, finding someone to watch the kids, etc. With same-day dental crowns, the entire process is taken care of in one visit, saving you time and stress!

This has the added, aesthetic benefit of restoring your beautiful smile and natural look right away!

2. Avoid Discomfort

While traditional crowns are being produced in the lab, the dentist will place temporary crowns on the patient's teeth so that they can continue to eat. Unfortunately, these temporary crowns are often ill-fitted and do not look natural in the patient's smile. The improper fitting can cause pain as well as difficulty eating and speaking.

This can be uncomfortable for the weeks (not days) that it takes for traditional crowns to be produced in the lab!

Temporary crowns also require avoidance of foods that can loosen or knock them out. They often fall out regardless, allowing the surrounding teeth to invade the area and making the placement of the permanent crown much more difficult at the second appointment. Sometimes temporary crowns allow bacteria around the prepared tooth, irritating the gums.

Additionally, traditional crowns require impressions, which many find significantly uncomfortable and messy. Impressions are the jaw-shaped tray that dentists fill with flavored putty and push against your teeth to make a mold. They can pinch your cheeks and gums, make your jaw sore, and cause drooling. Nobody likes impressions.

Same-day dental crowns, on the other hand, do not require impressions! They are the final crowns that the patient will be wearing, comfortably-fitted using advanced technology to be placed in one visit.

3. Make a Better Choice for Your Long-Term Health

The poor fitting of temporary crowns can damage the original tooth and the placing of traditional crowns is a more invasive process in general. On the contrary, same-day dental crowns do not use temporary crowns, are non-invasive, and actually preserve more of the original tooth and are less prone to cracking! They immediately restore the integrity of the tooth to prevent infection and further damage. Same-day dental crowns also use a safe, biocompatible, enamel-like material. All-in-all, same-day dental crowns do a better job of laying the foundation for a healthy mouth.

If you are interested in saving time, avoiding hassle, and promoting long-term health with your next dental crown placement, give us a call at South Anchorage Dental Center! We would be happy to talk with you about your options. You can also do your own research to learn more on our same-day dental crown services page.

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