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How To Handle a Chipped Tooth and When It’s an Emergency

June 25, 2021
How To Handle a Chipped Tooth and When It’s an Emergency

A chipped tooth can put a damper on your mood when you least expect it. Your day could be going perfectly fine until you go to sip a hot cup of coffee or accidentally slip on your way out the door to work and accidentally ding one of your teeth.

Not only does a broken tooth affect your appearance, but it can cause dental issues and affect your overall health. A chip can expose the inner layers of your tooth. This leaves it open to cavities, infection, or even nerve damage. There are situations where the chip is severe and needs immediate attention from an Alaska dentist, for instance, if it is causing significant bleeding and pain or there is a crack that is near the gum line.

If you have a chipped or broken tooth, South Anchorage Dental Center can get you in right away and help preserve your tooth and prevent further issues from developing. We offer both same-day dental appointments and 24/7 emergency dental service. Here is what you need to do if you’ve chipped your tooth.

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Dealing With a Chipped Tooth in Anchorage

If you’ve chipped your tooth, the first step is to evaluate how badly broken it is. Is it a small chip that only nicked a tiny bit of enamel? Or did it break higher up on the teeth, exposing any nerves or inner layers of tooth? Do you notice any other fine cracks? Take note of any sharp or jagged edges, and look for any signs of bleeding, discoloration, or shifting.

What To Do With a Minor Tooth Chip

A minor tooth chip that isn’t causing you too much discomfort likely does not warrant a dental emergency. However, you still want to call your dentist and get in as soon you can.

In the meantime, the following tips can help keep you comfortable and prevent further damage:

  • Stick to a soft-food diet, steering clear of any hard or sticky substances
  • Avoid hot or cold foods and beverages to prevent discomfort
  • Use dental wax or gum to smooth over any sharp edges
  • Place a cold compress to bring down swelling
  • Rinse with water and apply pressure to stop any bleeding
  • Take over-the-counter pain meds if needed

How To Handle a Severely Chipped or Fractured Tooth

If your tooth won’t stop bleeding, looks like it’s dislodged, or has exposed nerves, make an emergency dental appointment with us right away. If you’ve chipped your tooth during our normal business hours, you can call us at (907) 248-7275. We’ll make sure to get you in.

If you need treatment after hours, there’s no need to worry. We have a dentist on call all day long, including weekends and holidays. You can contact us using our emergency line at (907)-602-3136. We also offer a dental savings plan, which can save you up to 20% off treatment.

Make sure to put pressure on the site to stop any bleeding and get medical attention if you are experiencing any signs of head trauma, such as extreme dizziness or confusion. If your tooth falls out, your Anchorage dentist can potentially save it if you place it in milk or a saline solution and get it to your dentist immediately.

What To Expect for Treatment

A family dentist can use several treatments for a chipped tooth depending on the situation. These can include bonding, fillings, veneers, crowns, dental bridges, or implants.

For minor chips, your dentist may simply smooth the enamel or use dental bonding to apply a tooth-colored, composite resin over the damaged area. You may need a dental crown or veneers to fully cover the damage and protect the tooth from future decay or infection.

If the site has become infected, your dentist may do a root canal and then fill in and/or cap the tooth. In more severe situations, if the tooth is not salvageable, a dental bridge or implant can fully replace the damaged tooth.

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