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Best Same-Day Dental Services in Anchorage

March 29, 2021
Best Same-Day Dental Services in Anchorage

Looking for dental care today? Sometimes, waiting for a routine dental check-up won’t cut it. You might be feeling a lot of pain or discomfort - not quite enough to constitute an emergency, but too much to wait until your next scheduled appointment. That’s why same-day dental services are so important.

Life happens in a blink of an eye and you need a dental service you can trust to take care of you at any moment's notice. Whether it’s a routine checkup, simple cleanup, toothache, filling replacement, or extraction, we are eager to make sure you are taken care of at your earliest convenience. Here’s a quick guide to the same-day dental services we offer at South Anchorage Dental Center.

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Why Same-Day Dental Services Matter

Kaylie is one of our patients who came to us in need of a caring family dentist in Anchorage – you can watch her full story here. She needed to see someone who could assess her two damaged front teeth and determine the best plan of action for eventually installing dental implants.

“Initially I was just coming in for regular checkups but I had a couple of teeth that I knew were going to need implants at some point and I needed a doctor that would be able to help me out with that,” she says. “They actually were missing some of the roots, which made them really sensitive, so drinking water if it had ice in it or eating hot foods was kind of difficult. And the teeth… were running the risk of falling out on their own.”

Our same-day dental service was perfect for Kaylie because she needed a quick and seamless extraction without the cost of an emergency visit. Being able to schedule an appointment in the morning and come in the same day saves on travel and service fees. This is one of our favorite services because it brings our patients peace of mind and is a helpful option for our community. Plus, the results are great.

“They did an awesome job! The coloring is right and usually I have to tell people I have fake teeth.”

What Same-Day Dental Service Means

Same-day dental services allow our patients to be met with the same urgency and timely care as emergency appointments but without the high cost. Patients can choose what time works for them in a short time frame so that no one has to go throughout their day in pain or discomfort.

That’s why we also accept walk-ins. Bringing quality dental care to our Anchorage community is at the core of everything we do which is why being flexible, considerate, and accessible is our main focus.

Here are some of the main same-day dental services we offer.

  • Dental Implant: South Anchorage Dental Center’s Dr. Broc W. Brimhall offers same-day dental implants that fit every smile. Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are set into the mouth the same way a natural tooth would be. Typically, they’re made of titanium, which triggers new bone growth and permanently anchors the new “tooth” into the jaw. Implants are a life-long permanent, durable, and safe solution to replacing teeth all done within a day’s work.
  • Same-Day Crowns: Using the best dental technology in Anchorage, we provide patients with same-day crowns using CAD/CAM restorative solutions. Patients receive an initial examination of the teeth and have the final crowns fitted during the same appointment. This saves time and money prevents the use of temporary crowns between appointments.
  • Dental & Cavity Fillings: Filings help patients prevent wear and tear, tooth decay, and helps strengthen teeth. Whether it’s gold, composite, porcelain, amalgam, or one of the many other options, fillings fill the cavities in your teeth that have been caused by tooth decay. The dentist will drill a small part of your tooth away, and once all the decay has been removed, insert fillings into your tooth or teeth. This is one of the quickest dental services you can get.

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